Q. How much does your program cost?
A. No cost.

Q. Is there a stipend for your program?
A. YBN provides students enrolled in its community-based program a stipend of up to $250 on a biweekly basis.

Q. How many times a year do you enroll?
A. Twice a year, YBN enrolls a new class of students, usually in October and the following February. YBN holds Mental Toughness Orientations in each program cycle and enrolls two cohorts of students each year.

Q. Who can enroll in the YouthBuild program?
A. Youth and young adults who are between the ages of 16 and 24 and are low-income are invited to apply. The majority of students are high school dropouts and/or juvenile offenders.  We accept a small portion of high school graduates. Students must be:

  • Committed to continued education;
  • Interested in housing construction or, at least, have the understanding that whether or not they pursue construction as a career, they can learn pertinent employability skills;
  • Committed to maintaining sobriety during the program – being assessed for substance abuse and enrolling into treatment where appropriate;
  • Willing to take responsibility for their own actions and assuming leadership roles in their families, the YBN program and the community-at-large; and
  • Dedicated to working and participating in ongoing education and training upon program completion.

Q. Is the Independent Living Program (ILP) available to anyone?
A. The ILP program is only available to YBN students and graduates who are between the ages of 16 and 21 and are homeless or living in unstable living situations.

Q. How is Newark Leadership Academy different from YouthBuild Newark?
A. YouthBuild Newark operates a community-based YouthBuild program that prepares youth to obtain their GED and workforce credentials. The Newark Leadership Academy (NLA) is the brainchild of YBN’s YouthBuild program and operates within the Newark Public Schools (NPS) district. It draws upon YBN’s youth development model and enables students to earn their high school diploma and credentials.

Q. How many seats are available?
A. The number of students that YBN can serve is dependent upon a number of factors, including funding availability. The agency traditionally serves at an average of 80 students each program year.

Q. What is the application deadline?
A. There is no application deadline. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications before the next Mental Toughness Orientation.

Q. Where does your programming take place?
A. Academic instruction, vocational lab instruction, counseling and case management, and leadership workshops take place at our program offices, which are located at 31 Central Avenue, Newark, New Jersey. Students also engage in affordable housing development throughout the community and participate in a variety of community service, leadership-building, and civic engagement activities in partnership with community partners throughout Greater Newark and beyond.

Q. Are your instructors certified to teach?
A. All of our instructors are certified to teach within New Jersey.

Q. I have more questions.
A. For additional information, please use our Contact Us form or contact us at (973) 624-4720 (Program) or (973) 297-0592 (Management).